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Vehicle Aircon Servicing Specialists In County Down

Feeling the heat on those summer days? Noticed your car's aircon has dropped performance? At JLJ Auto Repair, we've got just the fix for you. Our aircon servicing is like a breath of fresh air for your vehicle. With our car diagnostics and car servicing options, we'll have your air conditioning system running smoothly in next to no time. No more sweltering in the summer sun or shivering in the winter chill—we'll make sure your car keeps you comfy all year round. So, why sweat it out when you can ride in cool comfort? Trust JLJ Auto Repair to keep you feeling fresh on the road, no matter the weather outside. Contact us.

Vehicle Aircon Servicing


Your vehicle’s air conditioning system is an essential element that requires effective maintenance. At JLJ Auto Repair, we can help you with replacing lubricating oil, recharging refrigerant, and providing a complete check of components to ensure optimum performance.

Clean and dirty cabin air filter for car


If you are experiencing a significant change in your vehicle’s cooling performance, it might be time to get it regassed. Our mechanics are well-equipped to recharge your vehicle with the correct amount of new refrigerant. This will not only improve cooling but also reduce stress on your engine and save your car from premature AC failure.

Filter Services

With time, your vehicle’s AC filters can get clogged with dirt and dust. This affects the vehicle’s cooling capacity and also increases fuel consumption. We can clean, maintain, and replace these filters to facilitate a smooth airflow, avoid any negative impact on the engine, and remove contaminants for better quality of air.

Facing Issues With Your Car’s Cooling System? Call Now On 07711 677521 For Effective Aircon Servicing In County Down!

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